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4x4 Response in The North West

In the North West, 4x4 Response Groups are numerous, with many reputable and trustworthy 4x4 Response Groups always willing and able to help.

Consisting of volunteers these 4x4 Response Groups across the North West give their time during adverse weather conditions and times of need to help those that need it most.

There is no group more dedicated than Community 4x4 Response North West.

Community 4x4 Response
North West

Community 4x4 Response, based in the North West of England, is a voluntary organisation (registered charity number: 1191784) made up of people who want to make a difference. Their trained responders offer logistical 4x4 vehicle support to the Emergency Services, NHS Trusts, and Community during Severe Weather Events, Emergencies, Incidents and Times of Need.

Community 4x4 Response North West operates out of several regions including Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Cheshire, and operate in conjunction with other regional groups to provide assistance across the United Kingdom.

Each of the volunteers for Community 4x4 Response in the North West and across the UK take pride in assisting in tasks such as:

Community 4x4 Response North West also provides its services and support to festivals, charitable events, etc. Whist at these events Community 4x4 Response North West provide a number of services including, car park management, on-site vehicle movement, recovery of broken-down or stuck vehicles and marshalling. They also use these events as a good method of raising awareness of who they are and what they do; along with occasional fund raising.

Community 4x4 Response North West relies on the generosity of the public and businesses for them to continue their operations assisting the Emergency Services, NHS Trusts, and Local Communities. Any donations they receive are always greatly appreciated, and Community 4x4 Response North West are truly grateful for every sponsor and donor that has supported them in their activities.

Community 4x4 Response North West Services

Dedicated Team
Happy To Help

Each of the dedicated trained volunteers in the Community 4x4 Response Family is always happy to help those in need; even providing support to the emergency services.

Adverse Conditions
Whatever The Weather

Community 4x4 Response help when other can't, making sure midwives, district nurses and even water can get to where they need to be.

Festivals & Events
Keeping You Running

Providing support for festivals, fairs and other events is another way Community 4x4 Response help; making sure people don't get stuck in car parks, marshalling and assisting in vehicle movement on site are all things they are happy to do.

Trained & Ready

Off road training is important if you are going to do it right and stay safe. Community 4x4 Response are always happy to take on new responders and provide the training needed to ensure that they know what they are doing when the time comes.